Automated Logistics For Cement

Automated Logistics for Cement

Cement Pakistan Co. offers the best logistics system for the cement industry. We make sure all ordered items and deliveries are carried out immediately and your orders are . We also implement automated deliveries to other cement plants. With our automated deliveries, we take care of truck deliveries, maintenance, truck quarrying management etc. All you need do is simply load your purchase on and they will all be delivered to your preferred location. In the event of any technical or logistics related issue, we deal with them as soon as possible.
We also offer deliveries for your cement plants and take care of all the steps that will be required for the deliveries of equipment and products.
The processes we employ when taking stock of a delivery are listed below
  • Placement order: since we make deliveries for various industries, we make deliveries according to the order of placement but you can be sure that your deliveries will be made within 2 working days of your placing them
  • Registration: once your request is officially logged in, you can be rest assured that your delivery will be made within a very short period of time
  • Entry weighing: the item you are requesting delivery will be weighed first and a quote will be given based on the weight of the item, equipment or machinery
Other processes required for the ordering of a logistic delivery includes loading process, exit weighing (this is to ascertain that the entry weight is the same as the exit weight), delivery with electric proof, dispatch documents and security and control For large scale logistics requirements, we provide a list of options for you and you are able to select which one best suits your logistics needs.
We offer a cost effective solution to all forms of logistics problems in the cement industry. Our automated system also ensures an active customer support system, supplier communication and dispatch system to ensure the smooth running and effective activity of all our delivery services