Cement Plant Audit

Cement Plant Audit

Cement plant audit mostly comes in 3 stages, we collaborate with our international partners to provide the best possible plant audit to maximize the output of your cement plants. Below are the 3 stages we offer, they include

desktop study​

On this stage we fill questionnaires on the area points in the warehouse, these areas include kiln feed chemistry, raw materials and the quality of the product, fuel, energy and efficiency of the plant machinery. We take time to analyses and estimate the productivity of the plants as well as find methods or ways of making the plants more productive. We then estimate the profit potential of your warehouse.
If the estimate is not more than three times the output from the other stages, we leave things as they are and take no further action. This is because there’s a very low probability that the subsequent stage results will be enough to ensure a one year payback on the full process costs

the action plan development stage

The process of this stage involves a visit to the warehouse by at least 2 field engineers and one chemist. The specific components of the team visiting the site will be dependent on the findings that was made in the first stage. Audits will be made of the available plant equipment and the manufacturing process that are usually employed in the production of cement and the raw materials available
A detailed report will then be made, it will include recommendations and findings from the first two stages. The recommendation will also include 3 target savings options that the warehouse will need to implement
The first target savings will include a short term profit improvement which are mostly achievable over a period of 12-18 months, this savings option does not include any increase in capital The second savings is achievable over a 5 year period and the capital that will be implemented will be slightly higher than the first
The third savings option involves comparing the output with the world best practices. This is then used to set a target for the cement plant. While it is not necessarily achieved in all the areas, it can be achieved in most

result delivery

The third stage is the result delivery stage. This stage involves the provision of the operational and technical requirements for the achievability of all the laid down milestones. This stage involves a 12 month long contract with us We also provide various consultancy services to suit any other cement plant auditing needs that may arise over time