Our product offerings include the crushing plant. When it comes to processing of raw material at cement plant, a crushing plant is very essential. Crushers are basically machines used to reduce the size of raw materials. Such raw materials include limestone, sand and clay.
Depending on the type of crushing plant you have, a crushing plant can reduce the texture of your raw material from size boulders down to a fine texture.
When raw materials are extracted through blasting, it is essential to make use of crusher plants to reduce the blasted rocks to size. Getting the right equipment for your raw material needs is essential, with our wide range of selection, you can choose a specification that suits your crushing need as well as your budget.
We have crushing plants with hammer impact suitable for crushing large boulders and oversized rocks. We also have crushing plants with lesser impact that can be used for sticky raw materials like sand and clay.
Some of the types of crushing plants we have include:

mobile crushing plants

A mobile crushing plant is a type of crushing plant that has 3 stages of crushing. One of its most endearing features is the fact that it is mobile. Mobile crushing plant requires very little space to properly function. It is one of the most efficient types of crushing plant. It has a very high production capacity and it is constructed in such a way that there is absolutely no threat to the atmosphere or environment.

semi-mobile crushing plant

Semi-mobile crushing plants are plants that can be transported separately or loaded onto a different transport system to change its location. They come in different sizes and specification. Most semi-mobile crushing plants come with features like the feed hopper, material transfer belt discharge conveyor and feed conveyor. You can change the location of a semi-mobile crushing plant at intervals.

stationary crushing plants

Stationary crushing plants are crushing plants that are installed, they cannot be moved around like the other types of crushing plants. They are installed on one location. They can be used for different crushing needs depending on the use of the crusher Our plants are designed so meet every crushing need there is and our customers are guaranteed the utmost satisfaction on all our products.
At Cement Pakistan Co., aside from sales of crushing machineries, we also provide consultancy services to suit your everyday crushing needs.