Grinding aids are materials that are added to cement to improve its quality and durability. It can come in either solid or liquid forms. Grinding aids are added to cement mixtures in small quantities during the grinding process. A major use of the grinding aid is that it reduce the amount of energy that is consumed by the machinery (mill) as well as increase efficiency. It does not reduce the quality of the cement mixture. Grinding aids are cost efficient and very durable

Some Of The Features Of A Griding Aid Includes

  • Grinding aids are added directly to cement mixtures. They are added to the mill while grinding
  • They are mostly produced in liquid form
  • They are chemically engineered to function optimally with the cement mixture
  • Grinding aids are chemically regulated by the local cement standards. This is to make sure they are up to standard with minimal risk involved and to ensure its suitability to various construction needs

The Features Of A Good Gridning Aid Includes

  • It is usually between 0.01- 0.30%
  • It must follow all the standards under listed for the production of the grinding aids. The standards listed by the regulating body are listed in EN197

Some of the benefits of adding a grinding aid to your cement mixture includes

  • It enlarges clinker substitution
  • It adjusts setting time
  • Addition of grinding aid to a cement mixture reduces the amount of water you might need to add to the mixture by 1-5%.
  • It reduces the amount of coating that will be required
  • Grinding aid increases the quantity/output that will eventually be gotten from the mixture
  • It expands one day strength by 10-40% and 28 days strength by 5-20%
  • Depending on the type grinding aid added, it reduces the amount of time that will be required for the mixture to properly set
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