Material Handling

Material Handling

Material handling equipment are of utmost importance in a cement plant site, they are usually used for storing and moving raw material and clinker. They reduce stress and save time. Some of these equipment include screw conveyers, bucket elevators, belt conveyer, air slides, pneumatic conveying, positioning equipment, storage equipment and a host of others.
At Cement Pakistan Company, our supplied material handling equipment are beautifully designed and guaranteed to give you value for your money. They are intricately formulated to last especially when properly handled. They are low costing, durable and long lasting. With our material handling equipment, you are guaranteed an exceptional experience. It’s technological and software features are of world class standards and are designed to endure under the most unfavorable conditions. We have designed a class of equipment to adequately suit the needs of a construction site without fail. Some of these equipment includes

horizontal screw conveyor

The screw conveyor is beautifully designed to convey bulky material from one point to the other without any spillage. Our screw conveyors are very durable and come in different sizes. They are able to transport solid materials both smooth/fine materials to chunks of up to size 3”. Depending on request and preference, our horizontal screw conveyor differ in sizes and capacity/kilogram, diameter and speed. Screw conveyors reduces stress and saves time especially on a construction site.

belt conveyor

Our belt conveyors come in a variety of sizes. They are used to transport items from one location to the other. With a width of 100mm-2000mm depending on customer preference and movement needs.
With any of our belt conveyors, you are guaranteed the perfect equipment for your transporting needs. They are cost effective and very durable. Our belt conveyors include pulleys manufactured and designed to quality and Rollers.

bucket elevator

When it comes to transporting construction materials vertically, the function of the bucket elevator cannot be overemphasized.
Though it’s a little similar to the conveyor belt in its use, they perform slightly different functions, as the bucket elevator transports items vertically in bulk. At Cement Pakistan Co., we strive to meet all our customer needs especially when it comes to construction equipment.
Some of the types we offer includes the positive discharge type, super capacity elevators, the centrifugal discharge type and the continuous type